Welcome to your free trial of LVLUP Dojo. On this page you will find little bits and pieces of the courses we have worked to build for you. Whether your goal is to be a full time streamer, competitive gamer or content creator - these resources will be a huge addon to your current arsenal.

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  1. Apex - Planning and Creative Process

    It’s all about the basics. In this lesson, Apex walks you through the importance of having a content schedule, and planning out your content in advance. Great ideas take time, and the videos that perform the best on YouTube tend to be thought out. Download the Lesson Workbook Download the YouTube Handbook

  2. Apex - Goals and Milestones

    Setting goals is an important part of knowing whether or not you are moving in a good direction. That said, Apex shares his wisdom on why you need to celebrate each milestone, and at the same time set clear goals to continue moving your growth. Download the Lesson Workbook

  3. Ninja - Setting Up Your Broadcast

    The starting line. Absolutely not to be overlooked. Everyone needs to start somewhere! Download the Lesson Workbook

  4. Ninja - Interacting With Your Community

    Make your fans feel loved. Remember the golden rule and treat them as you would want to be treated. Download the Lesson Workbook

  5. Nicolas Cole - Make Yourself

    Building a Personal Brand is all about reinvention. Just like in a video game, you create your own character—except that character is YOU. In this lesson, we discuss the creative freedom that comes with building a Personal Brand in gaming, and how to turn what you love into a full-time career. Download the Lesson Workbook

  6. Nicolas Cole - Growth Hacking

    How do you grow your social media following from 0? There are lots of little things you can do, quick and easy daily habits that will get your content in front of the right people. In this lesson, we go through what you can do to grow your audience base on a consistent basis. Download the Lesson Workbook

  7. Scump - Practice

    Everyone says practice makes perfect, but quantity does not directly translate to success. Learning how to improve the quality of your practice and getting the most out of the hours you put in will catapult you towards success in your game of choice. Download the Lesson Workbook

  8. Scump - Playing as a Team

    The single most important component to a team's success is communication. Calling out, as well as providing constructive criticism, is the difference between an amateur team and a pro team. Download the Lesson Workbook

  9. Justin Wong - What is Optimal?

    What makes for optimal gameplay comes down to three things: combos, strategies, and characters. Especially with new games, optimal strategies evolve, and new combos and strategies will replace the old, both offensively and defensively. Download the Lesson Workbook

  10. Justin Wong - Playing to Win

    The flipside to playing for fun is, of course, playing to win. In this lesson, Jwong opens up about how top tier players often choose to copy someone else’s gameplay or character selection simply to stay competitive. Download the Lesson Workbook

  11. ZeRo - Knowing Your Opponent

    Information is power. The more you know about your opponent, the bigger your advantage over your opponent. Download the Lesson Workbook

  12. ZeRo - Overcoming Adversity

    Buying into the hype of a big win or falling into the hole of a big loss are surefire ways to derail your tournament performance. Use your mindset to block out those feelings and remain even keel. Download the Lesson Workbook