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Mentor: D1


Thousands would consider D1’s position as the official Twitch Smash Bros Partnership Manager their dream job. Even more would think the same of his casting career- having travelled the world to cast for Smash tournaments.

We sat down with D1 to pick his brain about the Twitch Partnership Program, the Affiliate Program, and what Twitch is doing (and what it plans on doing) to help small to medium sized streamers grow. Check out his course to learn what Twitch looks for in streamers when considering them for Partnership, how to transition from a Twitch Affiliate to a Twitch Partner, and the best Twitch features available to small-medium sized streamers to help them grow.

Curriculum For This Course

Course Workbook: Twitch Partnership & Affiliate Program
Lesson 0: Twitch Partners Vs Twitch Affiliates 00:03:21
Lesson: Twitch Partners Vs Twitch Affiliates

D1 runs through all the key components of a Twitch partner in his first lesson with LVLUP Dojo. He discusses the main factors Twitch looks into when deciding wh

Lesson 1: Tools for Small-Mid Sized Streamers 00:02:41
Lesson: Tools for Small-Mid Sized Streamers

Twitch is shifting their focus to help enable small-mid sized streamers. D1 sits down with us to discuss the tools and features that he believes will add huge v

Lesson 2: The Current State of Twitch 00:05:10
Lesson: The Current State of Twitch

Twitch Partners have some interesting opinions on Affiliates, but what does that mean for future partners? Back in the day, many Twitch Partners were upset when

Lesson 3: BONUS Interview 00:04:15
Lesson: BONUS Interview

We talk shop with D1 on what it means to be a community manager for Twitch, and his personal opinion on the Affiliate program- as well as communities, teams, an

About the Mentor

D'Ron "D1" Maingrette is a widely known commentator in the competitive gaming spectrum. He shoutcasts at numerous events around the United States since 2009, including Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Invitational in 2014 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the Nintendo World Championships in 2015. He was also granted the opportunity to cast at the Evolution Championship Series for three consecutive years, every Apex Tournament Series international since its inception, Major League Gaming events and more

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