Running a Tournament & Building Your Event Brand

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Mentor: Alex Jebailey


An exploration of the creation and management of running a successful gaming tournament. Alex covers every aspect that goes into ideating, strategizing and executing a tournament. You’ll find actionable lessons on fostering a community, forming a bracket, sourcing sponsorships, promotion, social media strategies, and many other topics.

Curriculum For This Course

Course Workbook: Running a Tournament & Building Your Event Brand
Intro 00:10:17

An exploration of the creation and management of running a successful gaming tournament. Alex covers every aspect that goes into ideating, strategizing and exec

Lesson 1: Throwing Your First Tournament 00:07:45
Lesson: Throwing Your First Tournament

Starting your own event or tournament is a huge learning process. You’ll have to learn about signing hotel contracts, booking venues, event insurance, and mor

Lesson Workbook: Throwing Your First Tournament
Lesson 2: Local Community Building 00:12:54
Lesson: Local Community Building

Start with your local community. Nothing is more important than your community when it comes to being a TO, and throwing successful events. CEO found its succes

Lesson 3: Community Feedback 00:05:07
Lesson: Community Feedback

To be a successful TO you must constantly be communicating both with your community and your team. At first you might be the only one on your team, but don’t

Lesson Workbook: Community Feedback
Lesson 4: Social Media & Community Engagement 00:11:47
Lesson: Social Media & Community Engagement

Learn the best way to promote your tournaments and get the community engaged in the process. If you want people to show up for your event your going to need to

Lesson Workbook: Social Media & Community Engagement
Lesson 5: Staffing & Delegation 00:12:47
Lesson: Staffing & Delegation

Volunteers and event staff are the driving force behind your event. Being able to delegate effectively and communicate with your team is one of the most importa

Lesson Workbook: Staffing & Delegation
Lesson 6: Financial Risks 00:08:56
Lesson: Financial Risks

Being a Tournament Organizer, like any form of entrepreneurship, comes with a level of financial risk. You need to put up the money to rent venues, fly in playe

Lesson Workbook: Financial Risks
Lesson 7: Tournament Registration 00:08:37
Lesson: Tournament Registration

Your tournament needs to be a well oiled machine. If any cogs in the machine slow it down the entire event will suffer. Ensuring that your tournament registrati

Lesson 8: Attracting Top Players 00:04:58
Lesson: Attracting Top Players

Bringing top tier players to your events has many benefits. It increases the amount of attendees you’ll bring in, as well as ensure that the competition itsel

Lesson Workbook: Attracting Top Players
Lesson 9: Approaching Sponsors 00:05:57
Lesson: Approaching Sponsors

Acquiring sponsors are crucial to growing your tournament. You’re going to need to build relationships with companies in the space and develop a solid underst

Lesson Workbook: Approaching Sponsors
Lesson 10: Trials & Tribulations 00:05:50
Lesson: Trials & Tribulations

With anything worth doing there are trials and tribulations. Nothing worth having comes easy. On your path to becoming a TO you’re going run into some unexpec

Lesson Workbook: Trials & Tribulations
Lesson 11: Why Become a TO... 00:04:22
Lesson: Why Become a TO...

There are countless benefits to becoming a TO. Not only do you become a figurehead and representative of your community, you also learn skills that are transfer

Lesson 12: BONUS: The Birth of Modern Day Fighting Games 00:10:52
Lesson: BONUS: The Birth of Modern Day Fighting Games

The Fighting Game Community has evolved significantly since its inception. From the dark ages to its resurgence with Street Fighter IV, the FGC has seen its ups

About the Mentor

Alex is the CEO of CEO (Community Effort Orlando) where he is responsible for organizing and running one of the most recognized Fighting Game Tournaments in the world. What started out as a small 300+ person event in 2010 has continued to grow year after year at it's annual convention in June. CEO 2017 on June 16-18 had over 4,000 attendees from 47 States and 30 Countries

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