Justin Wong, otherwise known as Jwong, is an American professional fighting game player, and icon in the Street Fighter community. Wong has won several Evolution Championship Series titles, and is a player under Echo Fox. In this course, Jwong walks you through the mindset behind his most competitive matches, and what it truly takes to understand, outmaneuver, and ultimately defeat your strongest opponents online.

Curriculum For This Course

Course Workbook: Manipulating the Meta
Intro 00:14:55

Justin Wong, otherwise known as Jwong, is an American professional fighting game player, and icon in the Street Fighter community. Wong has won several Evolutio

Lesson 1: Defining 00:05:01
Lesson: Defining "The Meta"

Offensive play, defensive play, resource based or tier based, all of these different approaches to the game can be defined as “The Meta.” Jwong explains how

Lesson Workbook: Defining "The Meta"
Lesson 2: Understanding The Meta 00:05:05
Lesson: Understanding The Meta

In order to be a successful and competitive gamer, you need to learn how to balance offensive and defensive play based on your own unique playstyle. As you, as

Lesson Workbook: Understanding The Meta
Lesson 3: Tier List 00:04:34
Lesson: Tier List

There are two types of players: those that play for fun, and those that play to win. In this lesson, Jwong walks you through why tiers are needed, and how you c

Lesson Workbook: Tier List
Lesson 4: Creativity and Exploration 00:05:27
Lesson: Creativity and Exploration

When it comes to learning a new game, creativity is always in the mix and part of the exploration process. However, a large part of being a creative player is f

Lesson Workbook: Creativity and Exploration
Lesson 4: What Is Optimal? 00:06:46
Lesson: What Is Optimal?

What makes for optimal gameplay comes down to three things: combos, strategies, and characters. Especially with new games, optimal strategies evolve, and new co

Lesson Workbook: What Is Optimal?
Lesson 5: Playing for Fun 00:07:41
Lesson: Playing for Fun

Despite having reached massive success in the gaming world, Jwong reminds even the most competitive gamers to never forget their love of the game. Whether you

Lesson Workbook: Playing for Fun
Lesson 7: Playing to Win 00:04:51
Lesson: Playing to Win

The flipside to playing for fun is, of course, playing to win. In this lesson, Jwong opens up about how top tier players often choose to copy someone else’s g

Lesson Workbook: Playing to Win
Lesson 8: Losing is Learning 00:04:45
Lesson: Losing is Learning

Nobody likes losing, but that’s because it is seen as a “loss.” To Jwong, losing was the best thing that ever happened to him—because it showed him how

Lesson Workbook: Losing is Learning
Lesson 9: Fighter's Block 00:05:54
Lesson: Fighter's Block

Have you ever had Fighter’s Block? As Jwong puts it, there comes a time in your gaming career when you simply stop getting better. You forget to continue opti

Lesson Workbook: Fighter's Block
Lesson 10: Breaking The Meta 00:05:48
Lesson: Breaking The Meta

After a community has established a Meta and knows what it looks like, as a competitive gamer you want to find ways to change and manipulate it to your advantag

Lesson Workbook: Breaking The Meta
Outro 00:00:27

Thanks for watching Justin's course on Manipulating the Meta. Feel free to jump into the next course, or start making some moves! Download the Lesson Workbook

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