An exploration of the holistic challenges facing streamers and content creators in a growingly competitive and saturated market. Lets dive into what makes you the great content creator you are today by deconstructing your methodology. What can the new streamers of today do to stand out and grow? What advice do you have for the female community?

Curriculum For This Course

Course Workbook: Making Your Stream Unique
Intro 00:03:23

An exploration of the holistic challenges facing streamers and content creators in a growingly competitive and saturated market. Lets dive into what makes you t

Lesson 1: Developing Your Personality 00:03:06
Lesson: Developing Your Personality

It goes without saying that identifying your steam personality and overall brand is one of the first steps to reaching your goals as a streamer. Zombi gives us

Lesson Workbook: Developing Your Personality
Lesson 2: Production Quality (Streams & Videos) 00:15:53
Lesson: Production Quality (Streams & Videos)

If you’re just starting off streaming, you don’t need to have the best quality. You can upgrade your system part by part. One of best and most responsible w

Lesson Workbook: Production Quality (Streams & Videos)
Lesson 3: Collaborations 00:06:55
Lesson: Collaborations

One of the best ways to grow as a content creator is through networking and collaborating with people looking to reach the same goals as you. This lesson outlin

Lesson Workbook: Collaborations
Lesson 4: Standing Out 00:04:08
Lesson: Standing Out

Starting off, Zombi was shy and reserved in her content. Now, she is known for having no filter, being brutally honest and one of the most entertaining female s

Lesson Workbook: Standing Out
Lesson 5: Stream and fan engagement 00:05:52
Lesson: Stream and fan engagement

Once you have an audience, the next step is crowd management. For your fans, keeping them active and engaged in your content, and for the foes, finding the best

Lesson Workbook: Stream and fan engagement
Lesson 6: Keeping your Content ‘Fresh’ 00:05:13
Lesson: Keeping your Content ‘Fresh’

One of the biggest challenges that creators face is keeping their content fresh. From crowdsourcing content ideas to finding inspiration from other creators, he

Lesson Workbook: Keeping your Content ‘Fresh’
Lesson 7: Challenges & Advantages as a Female Streamer 00:03:53
Lesson: Challenges & Advantages as a Female Streamer

Women are the minority in the gaming space and here is a dedicated lesson on how to navigate the space as a women and cultivate the following that you want.

Lesson Workbook: Challenges & Advantages as a Female Streamer
Lesson 8: Staying Relevant 00:05:39
Lesson: Staying Relevant

In an ever changing world, staying relevant is tough. In this lesson, Zombi discusses and suggests some things you can do as a content creator to stay relevant

Lesson Workbook: Staying Relevant
Lesson 9: Workload & Stress Management 00:05:31
Lesson: Workload & Stress Management

As a content creator, it is imperative that you find a healthy balance between your work and personal life. In this lesson, Zombi outlines some effective ways t

Lesson Workbook: Workload & Stress Management
Lesson 10: Feedback & Constructive Criticism 00:03:49
Lesson: Feedback & Constructive Criticism

How to receive, listen to and grow from the feedback on your channel.

Lesson Workbook: Feedback & Constructive Criticism
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