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Hi my name is Bree, and I am a broadcaster on twitch known as Caliverse. I have had a passion for gaming ever since the Sega Genesis Nomad; playing Sonic, Mortal Kombat with my dad, and Joust. Free internet points to anyone that knows what Joust is. My passion grew throughout my childhood, hoping from console to console, until I landed on X-Box 360 playing Halo 2. I joined a clan that encouraged community values, and my passion for gaming and people reached a new height. This is when I found out about youtube and started making gaming content to share with others. A couple of years later, a friend introduced twitch to me, where I streamed casually for a period of time.

Eventually, I realized how much of a positive impact the streaming community was having on me and my passion, and that was when I moved to full time streaming. I have been a partnered streamer now for 2 years, and the relationships I have made with both the viewers and other creators in the community have kept me motivated through the good and the bad. Knowing that there was potentially somebody counting on me to stream and keep them company has helped me to push through some difficult days.

Full disclosure, It’s not always easy being a full time streamer; You give up a lot of your social life and you can spend long hours developing your brand and your community, but with time you will find a healthy balance that works for you. I have personally overcome a lot of obstacles throughout my time streaming, and I plan to share with you the experience I have gained from this journey. It can be a difficult road to get started, but it is very rewarding.

Curriculum For This Course

Intro 00:07:09

Hi my name is Bree, and I am a broadcaster on twitch known as Caliverse. I have had a passion for gaming ever since the Sega Genesis Nomad; playing Sonic, Morta

Lesson 1: Breaking into the Scene 00:02:57
Lesson: Breaking into the Scene

As you start to grow your stream and build your Twitch audience, you have to decide on what kind of streamer you want to be, and how you can start to differenti

Lesson 2: Brand Building 00:04:30
Lesson: Brand Building

Personal branding is something that most streamers dont think about until it’s too late. Your personal brand is what people associate you with, your image. Bi

Lesson 3: Stream and Fan Engagement 00:07:36
Lesson: Stream and Fan Engagement

We’ve discussed how important fan engagement is in a few of our other courses on streaming. In this lesson, Caliverse expands on those points as well as discu

Lesson 4: Addressing Bullies 00:04:42
Lesson: Addressing Bullies

Bullies are everywhere. It’s an unfortunate truth that we all have to deal with. Fortunately for you, as a streamer, there are best practices in place on how

Lesson 5: Moderators 00:05:20
Lesson: Moderators

If your community is the backbone of your stream, than your mods are your immune system. Silently fighting off those who would harm your stream in the backgroun

Lesson 6: Delegating Time Off Stream 00:04:20
Lesson: Delegating Time Off Stream

Streamers are notoriously bad at work-life balance. It can be especially difficult when you aren’t a full-time streamer. Balancing a day job, streaming, and y

Lesson 7: Learning the Hard Way 00:02:40
Lesson: Learning the Hard Way

We aren’t defined by our success, we are defined by how we react to failure. Mistakes are fine, everyone makes them, we’re all human—it’s pivotal to mak

About the Mentor

Throughout the duration of my course, Ill be providing insight into what has kept me driven throughout the process of becoming a full-time streamer. We will be focusing on: Advice for students and professionals wanting to break into the scene; Brand building; Viewer and fan engagement, both during and outside of the stream; Cultivating loyalty with your viewership; How to address bullies and other negative activity; How to find mods; How to divide your time, both while streaming, and between work and personal life; and some tips on what I would do differently if I started again.

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