Seth Abner Scump Building A Team eSports

Course Overview

A true glimpse into the competitive world of eSports, this course breaks down in detail what it takes to build and lead a professional team to victory. Covering everything from how to choose the right teammates, best practices for playing as a team, branding, dealing with tournament pressure, and more, join Scump in the Dojo as he talks through the steps he had to take to achieve this astounding level of success.

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  1. Team Roles

    Explore the roles different teammates play to make up a team in eSports. Much like positions in major american sports, roles are of paramount importance when crafting a complete team. Download the Lesson Workbook

  2. Practice

    Everyone says practice makes perfect, but quantity does not directly translate to success. Learning how to improve the quality of your practice and getting the most out of the hours you put in will catapult you towards success in your game of choice. Download the Lesson Workbook

  3. Choosing Teammates

    Much like roles, personalities and ideals are key factors in a teams success. Finding teammates that are aligned with your own dedication and goals will prevent problems down the line. Download the Lesson Workbook

  4. Playing as a Team

    The single most important component to a team's success is communication. Calling out, as well as providing constructive criticism, is the difference between an amateur team and a pro team. Download the Lesson Workbook

  5. Tournament Pressure

    Few things are worse than underperforming at a tournament. One of the best ways to avoid blowing it at your next tournament is practicing the same way that you compete while you're at home. Download the Lesson Workbook

  6. Success & Failure

    Be graceful in victory and graceful in defeat. Be sure to keep both victory and failure from going to your head so that your community will always think highly of you. Download the Lesson Workbook

  7. Branding

    One of the most important elements of turning eSports into a career. Build your brand so that you can capture alternative revenue streams and outlive the lifecycle of your game. Download the Lesson Workbook

  8. Social Media & Sponsorships

    Always present the best version of yourself on social media. You have no excuses. You are completely in control of what goes online from your channels. Be sure your teammates are conducting themselves in a similar fashion. Download the Lesson Workbook

  9. Build a Team

    Thanks for watching Scump's course on building a team and navigating the eSports space. Feel free to jump into the next course, or start making some moves! Download the Full Workbook