Tyler Blevins Ninja Build a Following Live streaming

Course Overview

How did Pro Halo player “Ninja” grow his Twitch channel from 10 viewers to hundreds of thousands? Learn the ins and outs starting a Twitch channel from scratch and building it into an empire. Covering personal branding, gimmicks, growth hacks, interaction with fans, and more, join Ninja in the Dojo for a full breakdown of what it takes to be a full-time Twitch streamer.

A deep dive into the complexity of starting a live stream and building it into a reliable income. Covering branding, gimmicks, growth hacks, and interaction with fans, among other topics. Join Ninja in the dojo as he talks through the steps he took to build a career out of a stream that started out with five viewers.

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  1. Setting Up Your Broadcast

    The starting line. Absolutely not to be overlooked. Everyone needs to start somewhere! Download the Lesson Workbook Watch: Setting up OBS with Ninja Getting Past 100 Concurrent Viewers

  2. What Kind of Streamer Do You Want To Be?

    Explore. Find the personality you want to take on online. You don't have to be Dave from Accounting anymore. Download the Lesson Workbook

  3. Your First Stream

    It's not as scary as you think. Jump in the water and start swimming. Download the Lesson Workbook

  4. Schedule & Consistency

    Consistency is key. Create your schedule and stick to it. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Download the Lesson Workbook

  5. Interacting With Your Community

    Make your fans feel loved. Remember the golden rule and treat them as you would want to be treated. Download the Lesson Workbook

  6. Growth

    Nurture your growing fan base and set realistic goals for yourself. Be sure to separate yourself from the bottom of the barrel, where the 1 viewer channels live. Download the Lesson Workbook

  7. Gimmicks

    Whether it's a cow hat or a train whistle, small gimmicks can really help engagement with your fans and provide entertainment. Nobody is too good for a well planned gimmick. Download the Lesson Workbook

  8. Opportunities & Sponsors

    Opportunities and Sponsors Buyer beware. Always read contracts that are put in front of you, and don't be afraid to say "No," or ask for exactly what you want. Download the Lesson Workbook

  9. Outro

    Thanks for watching Ninja's course on building a following. Feel free to jump into the next course, or start making some moves! Download the full Workbook