About Us

Our Mission

We invest in gamers to propel their careers while growing and legitimizing eSports in mainstream media. 50% of your membership directly supports our course creators, sign up under our course creators' landing pages to ensure you're donating to their success. A rising tide lifts all ships, lets LVLUP together.

We built a platform for the biggest competitors and creators to curate video courses for you, around what they believe sets them apart and how they accomplished their goals. We work with them for weeks and sometimes months to chose what we're going to cover and why it should be in your course, to show the next generation of gaming personalities how to accomplish their goal of making a living in the gaming community.

Enter The Dojo

Beyond the video courses and eBooks teaching you how to grow your gaming career to the point where it's a solid source of income, we've created a community of like-minded gamers all aspiring towards the same goals. The courses are taught by gamers we identify as masters of their own personal craft- because another issue we found in the gaming space is that everyone has an opinion on how you can "make it" but all of those opinions are coming from people who haven't actually "made it" themselves. While the guys and girls who have made it don't have an organized outlet to give their community the insight that they want to share.

Meet The Team

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