Gonzalo Barrios Zero Tournament Pressure eSports

Course Overview

Dealing with the overwhelming pressure of competing at the highest level comes through hard work and deliberate practice. Covering mental fortitude, daily routines, tournament preparation, and more, join ZeRo in the Dojo as he talks through the mindset needed to become a champion.

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  1. Practice

    Creating a tournament atmosphere at home is essential to maintaining comfort levels while competing at a tournament. Quality practice is paramount to performing at your best. Download the Lesson Workbook

  2. Mental Preparation

    Your mindset is your shield on tournament day. The ability to block out cheers, boos, the lights, the stage and other factors will enable you to play your best. Download the Lesson Workbook

  3. "Day Of" Routine

    Consistency is key. Keep your routine the same every single day, in order to keep your body and mind comfortable during tournament time. Download the Lesson Workbook

  4. Nutrition

    You are what you eat, and you don’t want to be a greasy, chicken finger on tournament day. Small light meals and snacks will power you through, but make sure you're not under eating Download the Lesson Workbook

  5. Matches & Breaks

    Tournaments are typically three day long events. You have to be at the top of your game from Friday to Sunday. Remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Download the Lesson Workbook

  6. Knowing Your Opponent

    Information is power. The more you know about your opponent, the bigger your advantage over your opponent. Download the Lesson Workbook

  7. Applying Pressure

    Once you gather information on your opponent, you'll learn the optimal way to apply pressure. Once you create a persona for yourself, you'll be able to apply pressure without even picking up the controller. Download the Lesson Workbook

  8. Adversity

    Buying into the hype of a big win or falling into the hole of a big loss are surefire ways to derail your tournament performance. Use your mindset to block out those feelings and remain even keel. Download the Lesson Workbook

  9. Winning Big/Losing Big

    Haters will hate. Adversity will be something you will face often on your rise to the top. Brush off the hate and keep moving forward. Download the Lesson Workbook

  10. Sportsmanship

    Be sure to stay humble in victory, but don’t rub it in the face of your opponent. You’ll surely experience this feeling from their perspective one day. Losing is difficult to handle in every stage of your career, but it is inevitable. Handling losses, especially big ones, is a true test of character. Download the Lesson Workbook

  11. Tournament Pressure

    Thanks for watching ZeRo's course on Turnament Pressure. Feel free to jump into the next course, or start making some moves! Download the Lesson Workbook