Nicolas Cole Exitec Building a Personal Brand Gaming Industry

Course Overview

In 2007, Cole was one of the highest rated World of Warcraft players in North America, and one of the first e-famous gaming bloggers with a dedicated audience. Since then, Cole has amassed millions of readers all over the world writing for major publications such as Inc, TIME, Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more. Want to learn how to build a loyal, profitable Personal Brand in gaming? Learn from one of the industry’s pioneers.

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  1. Make Yourself

    Building a Personal Brand is all about reinvention. Just like in a video game, you create your own character—except that character is YOU. In this lesson, we discuss the creative freedom that comes with building a Personal Brand in gaming, and how to turn what you love into a full-time career. Download the Lesson Workbook

  2. A Personal Brand

    What makes a Personal Brand is your personality. It’s the way you speak, the jokes you make, the type of content you create, the way you dress and express yourself, your opinions, your playstyle, everything. It all matters. In this lesson, we break down the different types of Personal Brands—and help you discover which one you are. Download the Lesson Workbook

  3. Who is Your Audience?

    Who do you want to follow YOU? Who do you want watching your videos, reading your blogs, ‘Liking’ your posts? And more importantly, what do they want from you? Building a quality Personal Brand is all about providing your audience value—and in this lesson, we go over exactly how to do that. Download the Lesson Workbook

  4. What is Your Platform?

    Do you want to be a YouTuber? A Twitch streamer? A Twitter newscaster? The content you create should be unique to each platform, which is why it’s so important to understand who your audience is. In this lesson, we go through which platforms are intended for which audiences, and where you should be spending your time if you want to build a loyal following. Download the Lesson Workbook

  5. Who is Your Competition?

    Brands are constantly competing for people’s attention—and gamers are no different. Either someone is watching your stream, or your YouTube videos, or they’re watching someone else’s. It’s very important to be aware of who your competition is, so you can study them and keep tabs on the content they’re creating. In this lesson, we go over what to look for (and what to steal). Download the Lesson Workbook

  6. What is Your Voice?

    Building a Personal Brand is about understanding the influence your voice can have, and creating content that resonates with your core audience. Your voice isn’t just what you’re saying—it’s the way you say it. In this lesson, we go through the different “voices” gamers have, and how you can discover your own unique voice and stand out. Download the Lesson Workbook

  7. Building Loyalty

    How do you get someone to come back to your channel every single day? How do you keep someone as a viewer for more than just a few seconds? Building loyalty is tough, which is why in this lesson we go through the specifics for what creates loyalty in the first place. Because once you know how loyalty is created, you will know how to maintain it. Download the Lesson Workbook

  8. Growth Hacking

    How do you grow your social media following from 0? There are lots of little things you can do, quick and easy daily habits that will get your content in front of the right people. In this lesson, we go through what you can do to grow your audience base on a consistent basis. Download the Lesson Workbook

  9. Building an Email List

    Having an e-mail list is the fastest way to monetizing your Personal Brand—period. Think of your e-mail list as your most loyal subscribers. The ones who want to support you in everything you do. That e-mail list is gold. In this lesson, we go over exactly how you can start building your own e-mail list and offering your best content to your most loyal fans and followers. Download the Lesson Workbook

  10. Monetizing Your Personal Brand

    How do you make a living doing what you love? You watch this course! Lessons 1-9 teach you how to build a Personal Brand from the ground up. But once you have an audience, and once you have people paying attention to your content, then it’s time to monetize. In this lesson, we go over how successful entrepreneurs and brands make their money—and how you can make yours too. Download the Lesson Workbook

  11. Build a Personal Brand

    Thanks for watching Cole's course on building a personal brand in the gaming industry. Feel free to jump into the next course, or start making some moves! Download the Full Workbook