Return Policy

How do I cancel my subscription? We've built LVLUP Dojo in a way that leads to success for anyone that watches and follows along with our courses. So, if you are having some frustration with progressing towards your goal, keep in mind that this is not an overnight success, our senseis have gotten to where they are through hundreds and thousands of hours of practice.

If you have a suggestion that we can fix to keep you as a member, please email and we will do everything in our power to enable you in further building your career in gaming.

But if you choose to quit, we won't hold it against you. Just remember: big, meaningful accomplishments don't happen overnight. They happen gradually, and require consistent effort over time.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please email and we will disable your account... before it even opens :(

We're sorry to see you go, and we wish you the best of luck going forward.

What if I want a refund? If you've been a member of LVLUP Dojo for less than 30 days, and would like a refund, please send an email to Be sure to include your account email address and your reason for wanting a refund. (This is very important information to us, because it will allow us to improve LVLUP Dojo in the future.)

If we can't meet your expectations, we will send you a prompt refund. We'll be sad to see you go, but we'll feel grateful to have had you in our community. And just know, you'll always be welcomed back into the community in the future, if you change your mind.